HSCN hosts several committees dedicated to enhancing the organization. Contact us if you are interested in joining one or more committees.



Committee Members

Conference – Develop conference including theme, topics, speakers, format, sponsorships, and exhibitors 

Work with Professional Development to incorporate the Pre-conference PD program into the Conference Planning

Susan Smith (Lead)
Speaker Selection
Joshua Belinko
Kelly Campbell
Hugh Durant
Renee McIntyre
Pamela Robertson
Professional Development (rep)
Tim Emo
David Donnelly
Nils Clausen
Raj Malik
David Murphy
Scott Newton
Eveline Santilly 
Robin Colley
Caroline Aston
Governance & Nominating - Set the governance and strategic direction of the organization and lead the nominating process
David Donnelly (Lead)
Toby O'Hara
Kelly Campbell
Timothy Emo
Don Cummer
Sarah Friesen
Finance - Budget development and monitoring/management.  Marshall the Audit Process
Vince Morelli (Lead)
Connie Curtis
Susan Smith
Robin Colley

Recruitment and Retention

Strategic:  To grow and retain member participation in HSCN 

Operational:  To develop and oversee the implementation of measures aimed at retaining and growing membership in alignment with the organizational priorities.

Don Cummer (Lead)
Nils Clausen
Don Giang
Patrick Laplante
Scott Newton
David Murphy


Enhance HSCN’s position as a thought leader focused on the overall advancement of the Canadian Healthcare Supply Chain space to the benefit of our members as well as the general public.

To plan, prioritize and disseminate relevant materials related to improving the value derived from the healthcare supply chain in Canada

Todd Presswood (Lead)
Jacques Chaput
David Lacourt
Gerry Frenette
David Loukras
Connie Curtis

Professional Development – Develop and execute courses, webinars, and seminars on topics of interest to members

Tim Emo (Lead)
Jill Craven
Mike Daniels
Ann Dolan
Daniel Fabiano
Sarah Friesen
Iris Ko