HSCN Annual Conference

How do I register to attend the Annual Conference?
Registration information for the Annual Conference can be found on the Annual Conference site. Online registrations are fast, accurate, and secure.
How do I become a presenter at the HSCN Annual Conference?
The Conference Call for Presentations allows submissions of proposals to present an educational presentation at the HSCN Annual Conference. Proposals are reviewed by the Conference Committee.
How does my company register to exhibit at the HSCN Annual Conference & Exhibition?
Contact Us
How does my company take advantage of Conference sponsorship and advertising opportunities?
Contact Us
What are the dates for next year's Annual Conference?


How do I receive CEU credits for attendance at a recently attended HSCN educational session?
Contact Us
How do I find out about HSCN activities?
Look under Events


Can anyone run for an open seat?
10 board seats are allocated for Providers; 10 for Suppliers
How long do I have to be an HSCN member to run for a board seat?
Interested members need only to have been a member in good standing for one year to run for an open board position.
Besides serving on the Board of Directors, what other opportunities exist to serve HSCN?
HSCN members can volunteer to serve on committees, which help shape the organization. For members who are passionate about advancing the profession and like to “roll up their sleeves” and dig into the details”, committees are a wonderful place to start. Leaders who can motivate, coordinate, and execute Committee agendas are critical to HSCN’s success. Committees are where the important work of HSCN gets done! The HSCN Board of Directors set the vision and strategic direction for the organization; committees execute the nuts and bolts work of the organization.
How do I contact a Board Member?
Members have access to Board contact information directly. Non-members should Contact Us.
How do I volunteer to join an HSCN committee?
Each year, HSCN issues a “Call for Volunteers” to all HSCN members. If you are a current HSCN member and interested in joining one of HSCN’s Committees or Task Forces, please Contact Us. A complete listing of the current Committees and Task Forces is available at Committees
I am interested in becoming an HSCN Board Member. What positions are available and how do I run for office?
Each year, HSCN conducts elections for Board member positions. If you are a current HSCN member and are interested in running for office Contact Us.



Where do I find my membership number?
Contact Us
How can I become an HSCN member?
Membership information can be found in Membership.
How do I renew my membership?
All members should automatically receive an invoice a few months before their renewal date. There are several ways to renew your membership: submit the Online Membership Application, mail or fax in theprinted Membership Application Form, or Contact Us.  Dues may be paid using pay pal or cheque. If you haven’t received an invoice and think your membership is up for renewal Contact Us.
HSCN Membership runs from January 1 to December 31.
Is my membership still current and what is my renewal date?
HSCN Membership runs from January 1 to December 31. The renewal process begins in January of each year.
Can I get a receipt for my membership dues?
Contact Us.


How can I communicate with other HSCN members on current industry news and trends?
You can join a Forum or connect with us on LinkedIn.
What types of networking opportunities are available at HSCN's National Conference?
HSCN hosts an evening networking event at the National Conference. The HSCN Conference website lists the most up-to-date information on all Conference programs and events.


Can HSCN help me look for a new job opportunities?
Our Job Alerts offers an online tool for searching for new employment opportunities in the healthcare supply chain field. Employers post open jobs directly online and they are sent out to the HSCN membership as they arise.
How can I advertise a job opening on your website?
Go to Post a Job.
How can I advertise on your website or in your newsletter?
View our Media Kit.
How can I make a submission to the HSCN Document Library?
Please send directly to HSCN Administration.