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Editorial Process

At the heart of the HSCN's mission lies an aspiration for equal access. With a commitment to bridging the gap between patients and the ever-evolving landscape of stem cell therapies, HSCN envisions a future where individuals are empowered to make choices that align with their unique healthcare needs.

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Our Editorial Process

Our commitment to your well-being demands content that's credible and unwavering. Our objective is to present you with accurate, compassionate, and attainable health information, empowering you to make the optimal choices for your health. Ensuring the utmost accuracy of our content holds paramount significance, underlining the importance of detailing our content creation process to guide your health-related decisions.

Our writers are experienced clinical research specialists

We take immense pride in assembling a team of seasoned health experts and specialized professionals within the medical field. Our authors possess an in-depth understanding of factual information and recent research, delivering the knowledge you seek in a well-balanced, easily comprehensible manner.

We rely on diverse voices

Our ambition is to deliver fact-filled health data to all persons regardless of their race, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, faith, culture, and capability. We are devoted to producing material that encompasses a range of backgrounds and life experiences. We don't avoid discussing health discrepancies between various groups, and we understand that a person's journey when it comes to their health can be quite different from someone else from a different group. All experiences should be portrayed in our material.

Our editorial team is made up of experienced professionals.

Our mission is to provide factual health information to individuals irrespective of their race, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, faith, culture, or ability. We are dedicated to creating content that embraces diverse backgrounds and life journeys. We embrace discussions about health disparities among different groups and recognize that each person's health journey is unique, regardless of their background. Our content aims to encompass all experiences.

Medical experts review our content

Our roster includes board-certified physicians and medical professionals who meticulously assess content for precision, significance, and up-to-dateness. An esteemed medical expert ensures the thoroughness of each piece, verifying that it aligns with the latest research and guidelines. Once content meets these benchmarks, it bears their seal of approval, and upon publication, you'll find their name and "reviewed by" under the headline, assuring you of its expert endorsement.

We conduct an examination of all references and documentation

Our editorial and fact-checking experts meticulously vet research journals, government sources, and medical institutions to validate the accuracy of facts, claims, statistics, and guidance presented in our content. When their confidence in a statement or data is solidified, they include source links or citations in the article, allowing you to access the original information and ensuring its credibility.

We update our content

We are dedicated to maintaining the precision and currency of our health and wellness content. Consistently ensuring its quality, we undertake periodic reviews and revisions to address evolving inquiries and uphold the elevated standards we've established.

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